. 674.68mm x 873.12mm . 151 pages . casewrap hardcover . digitally generated . handwritten . diary .

The result of the play between neural networks with their own mysterious motivations, Paranoid Transformer presents itself at first as a diary, written out in a cursive sometimes steady and sometimes not. And, when examined closely, neither human nor digital, but operating in some vertigious in-between. The titular digital paranoid fills the page with their own unique range of fears, rants and doodles — from the mundane to the absurd and uncanny. Generated using a wide variety of artificial intelligence techniques, Transformer invites the reader to explore new precipices in the poetics of text-generation, some admixture of novel, noise and scribble.

"Tikhonov’s work embodies the spectrum of current technological possibilities whilst alluding to the traditional powers of the human hand and mind"
— Luba Elliott

"If in reading this book, you find many of the short sections of writing following from one another, linked and proceeding in a plausible way, is it possible the paranoia is yours, dear reader?"
—Nick Montfort

December 2020

This book was created by interlocking neural networks orchestrated by Aleksey Tikhonov (@altsoph), a machine learner, data scientist, and digital art enthusiast from Berlin. You can contact him via his website altsoph.com

The NEW SIGHT series is a collection of computer-generated novels designed into physical artifacts. This series is our exploration of the possible futures that lie at the intersection of technology and the book form.

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